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Selecting the right suite of tools is a never ending game of tag. Few technology systems are designed to work together.

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backend broker management

Backend Brokerage Management



  • Cost Structure: “brokerWOLF”, Unavailable
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Tracking of all trade, a/r, a/p, agent expense and commission.
    • Reconciliation of the General Bank Account.
    • Preparation of Government remittance for GST/HST.
    • Analysis of budget and actual financial information.
    • Preparation of financial statements for any date range as well as a yearly summary.
    • An entire menu devoted to assessing the priorities of today and the days ahead.
    • Tracking of all office listings and their details including agents involved.
    • Commission cheque preparation to agents including any deductions.
    • Expense Activity including posting of direct expenses, recurring and group expenses.
    • Preparation of monthly expense statements as well as yearly summary expense statements.
    • GST reporting.
    • Commission Trust activity on all trade activity.
    • Commission Trust cheque preparation.
    • Real Estate Trust Account reconciliation.
    • Tracking of all other broker activity from the trade record.
    • Input of all trade records.
    • Agent commission split calculation.
    • Production of lawyers’ and other brokers’ letters.
    • Preparation of Staff Payroll cheques.
    • Current Income, Employment Insurance, and Canada Pension Plan.
    • Preparation of T4s, T4As, and their respective summaries.
    • Tracking all A/R activity from the trade record.
    • Posting of cash receipts from lawyers, broker, and agents.
    • Trust activity received automatically from the trade record.
    • Trust cheque preparation.
    • Term deposit calculation.
    • Real Estate Trust Account reconciliation.
    • Invoice entry for office expenses as well as recovery of expenses from agents.
    • General Account cheque preparation.
    • Supplier inquiry activity for each supplier (Current History).


  • Cost Structure:
    • Only available with demo
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Front Office Intranet
    • Document Management
    • Accounting (Quickbooks integration)
    • Commission tracking
    • Management reporting
    • Compliance review
    • MLS Integration
    • Hosting
    • Unlimited Tech Support
    • Activity Checklists


  • Cost Structure: $59/user/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Contact & Lead Management
    • Calendar/email integration
    • Contact/lead management
    • Automated email campaigns
    • Email templates
    • Deal Management
    • Intelligent notifications
    • Client participation/integration
    • Unlimited document storage
    • Unlimited cloud storage
    • E-signature integration
brokerage websites

Brokerage Websites

WolfNet Technologies

WolfNet Technologies

  • Cost Structure:
    • Instant Website: $499 one time setup; $590 annual; or $59/month
    • Semi-Custom Website: $2,500 one time setup; $1,490 annual; or $149/month
    • Custom Websites: Contact for quote
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Websites include Responsive IDX property search, WordPress IDX Plugin and content management tools for brokers.
    • Custom branding
    • SEO
    • Lead Capture and distribution
    • Co-branding options
    • Highly flexible design
    • Seamless reporting


  • Cost Structure:
    • $55/month + setup fee of $175
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Content management with unlimited web pages
    • Comprehensive event calendar
    • Mobile website
    • Automatic daily real estate news updates
    • Free lifetime product upgrades
    • Domain name email accounts
    • Responsive web designs
    • Mortgage calculators
    • Testimonials page
    • Website language translator
    • Theme management of fully customizable designs
    • Multiple domains syndication
    • Also do agent websites
agent websites

Agent Websites



  • Cost Structure: $20/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Instant & Easy Setup
    • Buyer & Seller Squeeze (Landing) Pages
    • Single Property Sites


  • Cost Structure:
    • Basic: $10/month
    • Premier: Depends on website specs
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • IDX Integration
    • Free design
    • Customizeable
    • SEO Optimized
    • Responsive
    • Quick setup
    • Zip-code targeting


  • Cost Structure: Unavailable
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Customizable home page and navigation
    • Beautiful design
    • MLS Integration
    • Simple content publishing
    • Powerful plug ins


  • Cost Structure:
    • Essential: $150/month
    • Premium: $400/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Essential:
      • Responsive design
      • Natural language search
      • IDX Integration
      • Lead management system
      • Drip email marketing
    • Premium: Everything in Essential PLUS:
      • Monthly content updates
      • Lead nurture configuration
      • Website & reporting configuration
      • Quarterly website refresh
      • (Requires a $250 one-time setup fee)


  • Cost Structure: Request a Quote
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Beautiful design
    • Customizable
    • IDX/MLS Integration
    • Social integration/marketing/promotion
    • Responsive
    • 360 degree customer service
Agent Personal Assistant

Agent Personal Assistant

  • Cost Structure: $39/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Able to integrate target farming reports, just listed/sold postcards, and email newsletters
    • FAST-IDX search with full MLS Data
    • Automatic property alerts
    • Customization/branding
automated agent marketing

Automated Agent Marketing



  • Cost Structure:
    • Essential: $150/month
    • Premium: $400/month
    • Whole Brokerage Team: Inquire
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Pre-written email templates
    • Custom, automated email campaigns
    • Time saving features
    • Amazing support
    • CRM & websites available as well


  • Cost Structure:
    • PIXmarketing: $49.99/month
    • PIXsocial: 49.99/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Property site
    • Social media posting
    • Batch texting
    • QR codes
    • Flyer builder
    • Auto flyer
    • Open house announcer
    • Listing video
    • Short codes
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Comparative Marketing Analysis (CMA)

Cloud CMA

Cloud CMA

  • Cost Structure:
    • $34.95/month; $349.95/year; or $499.95/two years
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Create unlimited CMA’s, buyer tours, property reports, and flyers
    • Dozens of report themes/fonts/styles
    • Works in over 200 MLS’s
    • Real-time usage dashboard
    • Branded theme for agents
    • 24/7 support
    • Easy on-boarding process


  • Cost Structure: By quote only
  • Key Benefits/Functionality
    • Generate custom market reports from any device
    • Automated market alerts
    • Forward, actionable insights from real-time data
    • Business planning
    • Cloud Storage
    • Lead generation
    • Customer Care
transaction management platforms

Transaction Management Platforms

Paperless Pipeline

Paperless Pipeline – not on NAR

  • Cost Structure: Ranges from $75-$450/month depending on the number of new transactions per month.
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Access documents from any computer, anywhere, any time.
    • Scan, email, or directly upload documents
    • Items needed checklist automatically populates for every transaction.
    • Email contracts to clients, lenders, and title companies from the system
    • Getting started is free and pricing scales with your growth.
    • E-signature integration
    • User friendly interface


  • Cost Structure: Unlisted
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Can handle any business logic
    • Communications and actions log
    • Seamless e-signature integration
    • Send and track emails directly from platform
    • Complete File Audit
    • Customized timeline for each transaction type
    • Tasks immediately pushed to Google account and CRM
    • Create branded CDs
    • User friendly agent dashboard
    • Compatible with all devices/browsers


  • Cost Structure: “loadingDOCS”, No price available
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Full integration into brokerWOLF (their Broker management platform)
    • Upload a package of PDFs and split into the appropriate documents
    • Automatic tracking of all documentation required for each transaction and listing
    • Document checklist allows for easy management of deadlines
    • Ability to recall transaction information on-demand
    • Automated document status change notifications


  • Cost Structure:
    • Personal: $29/mo
    • Business: from $299/mo
    • Business+: from $540/mo
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Personal:
      • Unlimited loops
      • Easy to use forms
      • Secure & legal e-signatures
      • Security & backup
      • Bank-approved audit trail
      • 24/7 support
      • Mobile app
      • Document and task list templates
      • Advanced task management
    • Business: All benefits from Personal Plan PLUS:
      • Live agent & admin training
      • Full visibility into transactions
      • Compliance statuses & workflows (2 workflows)
      • Inter-office communications
      • Trusted partners
    • Business+: All benefits from Business Plan PLUS:
      • Dotloop API & SSO
      • Compliance statuses & workflows (Unlimited)
      • Your logo and colors


  • Cost Structure: Couldn’t find
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Contract Management
    • E-signature Integration
    • One-click listing creation
    • Task Management
    • Broker Management
    • DocBox Integration
    • Automated Alerts
    • Instanet Fax
      • Fax to email or email to fax with a click of a button
    • Listing automatically uploaded to multiple destinations
    • Mobile Friendly Interface
call capture

Call Capture



  • Cost Structure:
    • Premium Plan: $5/month
    • Business Plan: $10/month
    • Business Plus Plan: $50/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Premium:
      • Voicemail to text (read your voicemail)
      • Check voicemail from email
      • More voicemail storage space
      • Caller ID
      • Privacy Guard (Unmask blocked calls)
      • Extra line
    • Business Plan:
      • All Premium benefits PLUS:
      • Unlimited voicemail storage
      • Professionally recorded greeting
      • Professional auto-reply
      • Call Routing
    • Business Plus:
      • All Business benefits PLUS:
      • Unlimited voicemail transcriptions
      • Fully searchable
      • Archive messages
      • Messages can be translated to English, Spanish or Canadian French
Call Capture

Call Capture – not on NAR

  • Cost Structure:
    • $45/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Distinct 800 number
    • Automatic call tracking and number capture (even blocked numbers)
    • Automatically text buyers interested in your property
    • Calls tracked by area code, date, hour, listing, marketing source, and more.
    • Marketing effectiveness report shows results from each campaign
    • Contact management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Firsttec MTC

Firsttec MTC

  • Cost Structure:
    • Unavailable without demo; price varies depending on number of users, types of licenses, & the infrastructure of required systems.
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Create, maintain, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns
    • Generate sales documents
    • Track & maintain sales opportunity throughout the sales cycle
    • Create instant price quotes, convert them to orders, and perform real-time product availability checks
    • Create dashboards and interactive reports for forecasting and sales analysis
    • Manage and lead customer data
    • Access customer balances, credit lines, opportunities, and open orders from a single screen
    • View & synchronize contacts with Outlook
    • Transfer data from records to relevant transactions automatically
    • Monitor service levels with alerts and reports
    • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
    • Support for mobile access


  • Cost Structure:
    • Basic: $29/user/month
    • Professional: $49/user/month
    • Enterprise: $99/user/month
  • Key Benefits/Functionality:
    • Basic Plan Includes:
    • Can connect unlimited email accounts
    • Social network integration
    • Bulk Messaging (50/day)
    • Follow Up Reminders
    • Professional Plan Includes everything from Basic Plan PLUS:
    • Customizable email templates
    • Team Contact Sharing
    • Bulk Messaging (300/day)
    • Article+Content Sharing
    • Programs for scheduled workflows
    • Pipelines for sales tracking
    • Introductions and introduction templates
    • Enterprise includes everything from Basic and Premium PLUS:
    • Advanced permissions
    • Custom integrations
    • Audit logging

Note: This list is not representative of all companies in these categories. This page is not an endorsement of or intended to be a derogatory representation of any company.

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